Each Carbon Marine boat is handmade in Canada and finished with utmost attention to detail. We exclusively build our boats with advanced composites, from the internal structure all the way out to the exposed carbon finish.

Carbon Marine utilizes top tier carbon fiber production methods, like those used in F1, super car and aerospace manufacturing. We utilize epoxy pre-impregnated advanced composites. Each part goes through a series of vacuum bagging and curing in our custom built composites oven.

Given the pre-impregnated composite materials are vacuum bagged and post cured, the distribution of resin is entirely even throughout the whole structure. This leads to a premium finish with incredibly strong, light and reliable structures, unmatched by any other boat in its class.

When you choose Carbon Marine, you are choosing next level boating. It's a material difference.

Why Carbon Fiber?

Utilizing carbon fiber leads to a lighter, stronger, faster and more efficient boat. The stiffness and strength applied to a deep Vee hull allows our boats to shine in all conditions, whether you’re quietly and smoothly cutting through large waves, or calmly cruising.

A Material Difference

It is rare that a material comes along that both strengthens and lightens a product. It is the dream material of all things high performance and efficiency focused.

Do more with less. Go faster and further than your friends all while spending less at the pumps. For example, our 280 Super Sport has up to a 50% faster cruising speed but at the same or less gas mileage as most fiberglass alternatives.

In addition, carbon fiber happens to be one of the most desirable finishing materials. We show it off to the max with our fully exposed carbon fiber construction.

Premium Finish

Our interiors are customized to the customer’s specifications, with hand stitched upholstery, premium electronics packages and stereo systems with top of the line power options.

Our Facility

Due to the use of advanced composites and our focus on pre-preg carbon fabrics, our facility needs to be cutting edge. Our high gloss epoxy floors ensure that we keep our working environment clean. In combination with dirty work being completed in an extraction booth, all our sanding and trimming is done with mobile dust extraction units that capture all debris.

We have also built a custom oven where we cure our parts. This oven is controlled with thermocouples and a detailed program logic controller that allows us to customize cure cycles per technical specification required.